13 Websites Like AnimeUltima To Watch Anime In 2022

Throughout the years the popularity of anime watchers has increased rapidly  and now it has a huge fan base across the globe.

From comic books to animation, anime has covered a long journey.

Anime has been successful in catching the gaze of the people with its high quality of animation and way of storytelling.

Anime has covered almost every genre which is converting more and more people into anime buffs.

As we are talking about anime, on which website do you stream anime?

We know many Anime fanatics will answer AnimeUltima.

Anime buffs already know of AnimeUltima but for the newbies, AnimeUltima is one the most popular Anime streaming platform from which you can stream unlimited anime content from your varied devices.

AnimeUltima.tv USP is it's a user-friendly interface and a wide range of anime content existing from old to fresh episodes available in dubbed and subbed for anime buffs.

But a disastrous thing happened for the anime fanatics that for some reason this AnimeUltima went down and instantly it became hot news for the anime watchers on various platforms. Why is animeultima.io not working? Now, where do we watch the latest episodes of our favourite anime?

So, we have researched and gathered some similar websites like AnimeUltima which will provide you with a wide range of content.

Let's hop onto the list.


4anime is a replica of 9anime, and most of the functionality and content scale is the same there

You can use freshly added, popular this week; those two categories to find some new anime shows to follow in the upcoming time.

To view, any episode just thumps upon the choice of the title, and it will commence a new window with the class video player. 


One of the best options in the list of websites similar to AnimeUltima is AnimeLab. It’s a legal all anime website with quite an impressive library. 


Animesurge authorizes you to undergo English Anime with subtitles and in dubbed English versions for free. It also conserves a prolonged directory of anime shows without any limitations in streaming, similar to the animeultima website.

Furthermore, using anime surge, you can scan newly renewed Anime shows in varieties such as dubbed, subbed, Chinese, trending and many others. 


123animes is like a nest of a movie, and tv shows monstrous 123movies with the identical essence and user experience that makes this site deeply capable to anime hobbyists.

On this animeultima alternative, you can search for your preferred inscription or spread to the trending anime series/movies with a maiden snap on the home page.

Anime heaven

Presume you are glancing for a heaven on earth and your definition of heaven includes binge-watching anime episodes. In that case, AnimeHeaven is the niche you need to stop by right away. 


This website is known for possessing English subtitled Chinese anime tv shows, serials, and movies. 

These are some of the best sites to consume your favourite anime shows.

However, there are some flaws, limitations in content and concerns about security.

But you have to struggle if you are a real anime fan.

These are some of the best alternatives for consuming your favourite anime show.

You can also check out websites like crunchyroll and funimation etc. However, some of the websites have some limitations and flaws but you have to take risks if you are an anime fan.